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Thank you to everyone who came out to the Twerk Du Soleil Tour
this year! It was an unforgettable and amazing experience.
in 2015 look out for my new reality show on MTV!!!!

San Antonio, TX - July 10

Houston, TX - July 11

Dallas, TX - July12

New Orleans - July 13th

Raleigh, NC - July 15th

Miami, FL - July 17th

Orlando, FL - July 18th

Atlanta, GA - July 19th

Chicago, IL - July 22nd

Detroit, MI - July 23rd

Washington, DC - July 24th

NYC, NY - July 26th

San Diego, CA - Oct 23rd

San Francisco, CA


Los Angeles, CA - Aug 12

Los Angeles, CA - Aug 13

Los Angeles, CA - Aug 14

Los Angeles, CA - Aug 15

London, England, Aug 24th

Denver, CO - Sept 20st

Cleveland, OH - Sept 21st

Boston, MA - Sept 24th

Toronto, Canada - Sept 25th

Philadelphia, PA - Sept 27th

NYC, NY - Sept 28th

Seattle, WA

Melbourne/Sydney, AUS