6/16 San Diego, CA

6/17 Las Vegas, NV

6/18 Los Angeles, CA

6/22 Phoenix, AZ

6/24 San Antonio, TX

6/25 Houston, TX

6/26 Dallas, TX

6/28 Atlanta, GA

6/29 Charlotte, NC

7/1 Tampa, FL

7/2 Miami, FL

7/3 Orlando, FL

7/5 Chicago, IL

7/7 Washington D.C.

7/6 Bloomington, IN

7/8 Philadelphia, PA

7/9 Boston, MA

7/10 New York, NY

7/11 Toronto, CAN

7/12 Cleveland, OH

7/13 Columbus, OH

7/22 Manchester, UK

7/24 London, UK

7/25 London, UK (4PM)

7/25 London, UK (7:30PM)

8/1 Los Angeles, CA

8/8 San Francisco, CA

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Thank you to everyone who came out to the Twerk Du Soleil Tour
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in 2015 look out for my new reality show on MTV!!!!