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The high camp, highly contagious world of Todrick Hall

YouTube superstar Todrick Hall (a.k.a. Toddy Rockstar, a.k.a. Quing Toddy) is as meta as they come, a love child of pop culture and the American dream — both of which he inverts and gloriously mutates into something entirely new. His massively popular videos (the views for many average in the millions) are splendid Technicolor musical... Read More

#SquadGoals: Get To Know The Team Behind ‘Todrick’

Bey and Nicki. North West and Penelope. Lorde and Taylor. We’ve all heard the term “squad” thrown left and right since 2015 struck at midnight of this year, but Todrick Hall is serving up a whole new definition of #squadgoals. After all, behind every Internet star lies a great crew … right? When it comes... Read More

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